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Whether you need annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit or just a few repairs, New Aire Tech is here for you. We have the technical know-how to service any type of AC unit, and our experienced technicians have seen it all. No matter what has caused your air conditioner to quit working, we can make it cool again.


We offer:

Central AC repair

Ductless AC repair

Heat pump repair


For reliable heat pump repair throughout Lebanon, Lancaster, Berk’s County, and the surrounding areas, give New Aire Tech a call at (717) 304-2388.

Signs You Need AC Repair


It isn’t providing enough cool air. Paying for an air conditioning system that doesn’t work can be one of the most frustrating things. Instead of grumbling and hoping it gets cooler in your home, call to have a professional come and examine the root of the problem.


You have high energy bills- If you notice your energy bills creeping up when your usage is the same, you should call a local HVAC technician to inspect your system and provide air conditioning repairs.


It makes loud or odd noises-  While air conditioning systems do make some noise, popping or banging noises aren’t normal. Call an air conditioning repair technician to investigate the problem when you hear these sounds.


It’s leaking-  When condensation forms inside the AC unit, the drain tube keep moisture buildup from happening. If the drain tube is blocked or broken, a pool of water will form at the base of your home’s AC unit.


Your home is unevenly cooled-  If one room is nice and cool and another is sticky and hot, you may need to get your ducts inspected. There could be a possible air flow problem, which can be easily remedied by one of our experienced technicians. If you use a ductless air conditioning system, it may be a problem with the unit itself. A quick visit by one of our technicians will give you the answer!


It’s blowing hot air-  If your air conditioning system’s not producing any cold air at all, you should call a technician right away for service. It could also be a problem with your thermostat or time to upgrade to a digital one.